Trading up

At Bird's Eye Boutiue we are so pleased to offer a space to exchange all those lovely clothes hanging in your closet for credit to buy your next favourite item, or possibly a whole wardrobe. The credit is actually good for anything in store including jewelry, home goods and body care products. Though we don't sell items on consignment, if you have top quality womens style items we will trade the items for immediate store credit.

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Questions about trading

You simply bring your clothes in, they are looked through and you are given a credit amount for the ones we would like to sell instore.

The credit is 50% of what the items are expected to sell for instore. Prices are set by Bird's Eye Boutique staff.

Credit must be used during that visit only. If you don't use the full credit we will keep enough to pay for your purchases and return the rest to you to bring in during your next shopping visit.

No appointment needed! Bring your items in any time during store hours. Trades may not be accepted on weekends in the summertime due to high volume of customers.

Please bring a maximum of 2 shopping bags or a laundry basket. If you think you'll have more please call ahead and ensure we will be able to accomodate that amount.

We are looking for womens style items that meet the following criteria:
       - Must be less than TWO to THREE years old;
       - Must be in NEW or LIKE-NEW condition, 
       - All sizes of womens style clothing are considered;

No they don't and we prefer they do not due to limited hanging
space.  Please have your clean clothing neatly folded and ready to look through. We will take care of washing, steaming and prepping the items for sale. However, items that have been stored for more than a couple of weeks or that have been stored with any type of chemical pesticide and deodorant should be laundered again and aired outside or items will not be taken.

Also, we do not accept wedding and bridesmaid gowns, prom dresses, lingerie, earrings, furs, business attire or more conservative dress clothing.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. Please do not be offended if your item does not meet our current standards. Our customers shoppers who expect quality and we strive to offer them the best labels in the best condition at the best price. 

We're looking for fresh newer womens styles and items in LIKE-NEW condition. 

Carefully go through all the items you want to clear out of your closet. Make sure there are no sticky or broken zippers, stains, pilling, wear, tears and holes, missing buttons or other flaws.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that unfortunately, we try not to accept ANY item from a smoking household, as the smell of cigarette is very persistent - especially to non-smokers who will notice it immediately. Tobacco smell cannot be easily eliminated even after repeated washes, and generous doses of perfume or fabric spray will make it worse.